There is No Collective Liberation Without Women’s Liberation

No political ideology is complete without explicitly advocating for and demanding women’s emancipation. Women’s emancipation should always work parallel with the collective emancipatory politics. Further, it is not enough to just engage with women’s emancipation simply through rhetoric, but to actually understand the complexities as well as the socio-political, economic, cultural, religious and historical dimensions of women’s oppression. As a Kurdish woman, as well as a feminist it defies logic to support parties and movements who do not engage in a high level of critical self reflection, and who continue to function on the basis of the hetreopatriarchal, capitalist, neoliberal, and imperialist model. I am not interested, just as all women should not be interested, in supporting these existing status quo political discourses because they do not serve to function for my emancipation nor that of my sisters/collective liberation, but rather serve their own political agendas. Even in the so called developed states, the status quo politics functions on the false notion that women have already achieved collective liberation, even as thousands of women die daily as a result of domestic or sexual violence, lack of access to adequate healthcare and other factors. Women who support such political organisations fail to see that their liberation is tied to the liberation of ALL women globally, and that they are not organically free so long as other women are not free. As women we should not be interested in individual liberation but collective emancipation of all women from the global patriarchal system. Indeed, Women’s liberation should be a none negotiable, essential and integral aspect of any rational political ideology that we engage with. This is why all women should be supporting the YPG-YPJ-PKK because not only do they embody this ideology but actively work to ensure mine and your personal liberation as well as that of all of my sisters. Further their ideology is designed to challenge me as a woman to decolonize my mind from patriarchal, racist and sexist values and to aspire to a higher level of intellectual, emotional, ideological, moral, ethical, and spiritual development. Like wise their ideology encourages a greater level of humanity and inclusiveness towards other communities and cultures, thereby encouraging a move away from traditional, racist, tribal and cultural practices that function on the basis of aggressive and exclusionary nationalism as has been the culture of Middle Eastern politics based on the Eurocentric nation-state model. As a political scientist and a scholar I find it extremely difficult to find a more feminist, more democratic and more inclusive political organisation than the YPG-YPJ-PKK movement. May their revolution inspire a global move towards greater gender equality, humanity, inclusiveness and democracy. At the same time, we should only remain loyal to such movements so long they continue to embody such a progressive ideology.

Hawzhin Azeez

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