Democratic Confederalism as the Answer to the Region’s Problems

Democratic Confederalism, otherwise known as radical democracy is the answer to some of the persisting and inherent problems experienced with the liberal democratic model. Confederalism functions on the basis of inclusiveness, multiculturalism and politicization of society at a grassroots level. In contrast liberal democracy actively relies on the promotion of majority interests, to the detriment of minority interests and communities. In fact it functions on the promotion of elite politics, thereby actively marginalizing and silencing diversity and voices from the margins of the political periphery and promotes social apathy. Liberal democracy, therefore can hardly be deemed as organically inclusive, and is instead a form of top down politics that promotes de-politicization, alienation and dehumanization of society. Instead, Confederalism is organic, a bottoms up form of political activism, promoting awareness and participation. It also promotes gender equality and places a high level of relevance on gender participation. Most importantly, this form of political system prevents the entrenchment of authoritarianism which neo-liberal democracy is prone too; and limits the socio-economic violence that occurs as a result of unchecked capitalism. The answer to the persisting problem of lack of democratization in the Middle East is to adopt Confederalism rather than neo-liberal democracy as has been the historical legacy of interventions in the region. This distinction also explains the persisting failure of nation and state building policies of western powers in the Middle East. Confederalism empowers marginalized communities and minorities and effectively redistributes power and resources within society, thereby returning a sense of inclusion, ownership and dignity to long silenced communities.

And this is why the Rojava Revolution needs to be supported and emulated by minority communities everywhere, because no other currently existing political system provides such groups with a greater level of inclusiveness as than democratic Confederalism.

Hawzhin Azeez

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