Australian Day or Genocide Day?

While as a refugee I am deeply grateful for the immense opportunities that Australia has provided my family and I, it nevertheless does not change the fact that we are all residing on Aboriginal and Indigenous land brutally stolen from the original inhabitants of this land.

As many celebrate Australia Day, I hope many of us are also reflecting on the tragedies that have occurred to the original peoples of this land, the hundreds of languages lost, the ancient cultural practices lost, the thousands of children taken, the families ripped apart and the still on going apathy from mainstream Australian society about the genocide of these beautiful and ancient people.

Today I choose to reflect and stand in solidarity with the original peoples of this land in their day of mourning for the unspeakable losses they have suffered, while also feeling love and gratitude for my beautiful Australia for giving us a home when no one else would.

Hawzhin Azeez

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