The Case of Mutlu Kaya and Honor Killings in Kurdistan

Mutlu Kaya

This is Mutlu Kaya (19) who was shot by her extended family because she participated in a Talent show as a singer. She was threatened by her extended family against participating in the show, despite her family supporting her. She is currently in a critical condition fighting for her life. There is not freedom for Kurdish men without liberation and freedom of Kurdish women. Kurdish people need to stop internalizing and reproducing the same violence that they experience at the hands of the state towards Kurdish women.

And this is why Kurdish women love Sarok Apo (Abdullah Ocalan) because he has been the first Kurdish man to stand up for us and with us and say “NO” to our murder, rape and abuse by the hands of the state and at the hands of patriarchal Kurdish men. Kurdish men have a moral and ethical duty to stand against reproducing violence towards Kurdish women, because if they are oppressed than Kurdish women are twice as oppressed. And they need to say no to violence towards us as women, not because we are your sisters, mothers, wives and friends but because we are human beings and it is our natural right to live as women.

Sarok Apo reminds us that Honor Killings are not part of our historical, organic culture and traditions as Kurds. He argues that we must learn about our own culture and we must actively resist the imperial, capitalist and patriarchal practices of the states and ideologies around us in the Middle East which forces these practices on us and normalizes them.

Kurdish women also need to stand in solidarity and in sisterhood and organize and resist such cultural practices. We need to break the taboo that we cannot speak about these issues. We must be aware of the political, historical and economic reasons why these practices are imposed on us by the regimes around us but we also cannot make excuses for our own lack of courage in addressing this issue within our culture. We need to be courages and stand at the forefront of this resistance, with educated and enlightened Kurdish men standing side by side with us.

Jin, Jiyan, Azadi! #NOtoHonorKillings #MutluKaya

Hawzhin Azeez

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