The Kobane Reconstruction Board

Images of the reconstruction process in Kobane I took in June 2015 while visiting Kobane. One of the major initial challenges faced by the rebuilding process was the removal of millions of tons of rubble.

Despite the ongoing Turkish embargo on humanitarian aid, the reconstruction of Kobane forges ahead, buoyed by immense international support and encouragement from across Kurdistan and internationally. To facilitate this process has been set up by The Kobane Reconstruction Board as its official website to attract donors, NGOs, raise awareness and to highlight the progress in the reconstruction of the canton. There is also a donate button that you can click on and provide a donation. No matter how small a donation, each dollar helps to contribute to projects for orphaned children, disabled children, women’s centre, hospitals, building supplies, water purification methods, and mine clearing needs among others. If you cannot donate than please share, and frequently visit the page, to raise awareness and increase the exposure rate of the page.

Kobane represents the best of us as Kurds, and our humanity. It represents the possibility of what we can be as a Kurdish nation, united and working together towards a common goal in spite of the long history of oppression and violence imposed on us. It represents a new era of intra-Kurdish relations, one based on solidarity, cohesion and cooperation. One in which we demonstrate that the false and artificial borders imposed on us have failed to kill the heart of the Kurdish nation. In which petro-dollars do not determine our humanity and Kurdishness. And one in which we collectively resist the imperial policies of our regional and Western false friends and engage in a critical level of self-determination as a nation.

It IS possible to imagine an alternative intra-Kurdish political culture based on collective ownership of our successes, independence from imperialist forces, and self reliance. We must let Kobane be that symbol for us.

Hawzhin Azeez

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