Kobane Massacre

Sad news this morning as ISIS relaunches attacks towards Kobane using state grain depots on the Turkish side of the border as a base, dressed as Burkan al Firat and YPG fighters in their attempt to infiltrate the city. At least 12 dead and over 50 wounded at this stage with most of the ISIS terrorists captured or killed as a result of clashes. Meanwhile there are attempts at ethnic cleansing in Raqqa towards Kurdish dominated villages and people escaping ISIS towards northern Kurdish regions of Rojava, with innocent civilians, mostly women and children wounded and killed. There are reports of wounded women and children dying on the Kobane-Turkey border as Turkey deliberately delays or refuses to allow the seriously wounded to cross to access medical help in bordering town of Pîrsûs (Suruc). The limited medical facilities in Kobane are overwhelmed at the moment with the number of wounded and injured, and do not have the capacity to handle particular injuries. Of the two operating hospitals they have ONE operation room each!

Muhammad Ali lost his entire family who were shot dead by ISIS terrorists today.

There are a number of important factors at play here, including the recent massive electoral win by HDP, the Giri Spi win by the YPG-YPJ and back to their homes and lands and contribute to the rebuilding of their city and villages, the reconstruction process in Burkan al Firat forces, the increasing stability of the Kurdish region, the large number of returning refugees who wish to go

Kobane and the huge international support in that regard, the failed efforts to destabilize Kurdish unity, and the HDP-PYD cooperation and implications for greater Kurdistan. This is the Turkish state attempting to demonstrate that it still can influence and destabilize the Kurdish region. It is also indicative of the fact that Turkey WILL consistently resort to terrorist policies to achieve its anti-Kurdish objectives by supporting attacks against civilians. It demonstrates its close linkage and coordination with ISIS, and it highlights its complete contempt for international laws and norms in relation to not only harboring but actively aiding and abetting terrorist groups whose main objective is terrorizing innocent women, children, and the elderly.It also shows Turkey’s complete and utter lack of foresight in understanding the trajectory of Kurdish politics and relations. These attacks only serve to fortify Kurds and their desire to succeed in achieving their democratic objectives. It only increases their desire to be more democratic, more inclusive, more ecologically centred, more focused on promoting women’s rights. Bombs, explosions, suicide attacks can only destroy buildings and bodies. They cannot destroy the will of a people determined towards humanity, equality and progress.

#TerroristTurkey is currently trending worldwide so if you are on twitter please tweet with this hashtag to raise awareness and contribute to the condemnation of the Turkish state and its anti-Kurdish and human rights policies.

Hawzhin Azeez

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