Turkish Jets Bomb Kurds Instead of ISIS


Turkey’s ongoing bombing campaign against the Kurds has continued with a predictably deliberate policy of targeting civilians. In the early hours of this morning (starting from 4 am) the village of Zergelê was targeted for several hours. The jets targeted the village and literally bombed house by house. At least 9 people are confirmed dead. Dozens more are injured. 15 of the injured are in critical condition and taken to the local village health clinic. When the surrounding villagers attempted to provide help to the killed and injured they were also targeted and prevented from providing adequate aid to the villagers. Due to the high numbers of critically injured the number of deaths is likely to increase.

Turkey is justifying this bombing campaign on the grounds of defending itself against terrorism, but the deliberate targeting of villagers and civilians is an act of state-terrorism, not ‘self-defense’. But empowered by NATO’s public statement of support for Turkey, it is unlikely that Erdogan will stop its massacre of Kurds in and outside of Turkey any time soon. Overnight three unarmed Kurdish civilians were killed in a house ‘raid’ in Turkey. The true terrorist is Turkey, who is using the full force of its military might, the second largest in NATO (after the USA by the way which is the world’s biggest military might) against innocent civilians and the Kurdish guerrilla forces. Each bombing rounds consists of F-16 and F-4 jets targeting the same location repeatedly for hours. The disproportionate levels of military might, the deliberate targeting of civilians and the complete lack of a similar attack on ISIS demonstrates who the real, and only, targets of Erdogan’s ‘war on terror’ are.

Hawzhin Azeez


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