Kobane Slowly Comes Back to Life

Images I took in the past week of the amazing people of Kobane , who continue to rebuild their community despite the extensive scale of the destruction. Their perseverance, their strength and capacity to carry on despite the odds, and the still heavily obvious levels of damage to their little city is indescribable. They rebuild as war ravages other parts of Syria. They stay even though it’s easier to escape to Europe. Even though it’s easier to forget. Even though winter fast approaches and they have so little. These are the refugees that stay and fight, not with weapons against ISIL, but with hope and belief and perseverance in their hearts for a better tomorrow and a better day. The YPG-YPJ fought to lay the foundation of a new society, and now these people are building that future. These are the true heroes of Kobane:

Hawzhin Azeez

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