The Sun Soaked Streets of Kobane after Liberation from ISIS

The sun soaked streets of liberated Kobane just now. As these pictures were taken a huge convoy of cars were lining up on their way to the martyrs cemetery for the funeral of YPG-YPJ martyrs. A funeral being held now as I write this. We were on our way back from visiting the Art and Culture Centre- a beautiful building built by the French post WWII- and hearing how many of the members of the dance, theatre and music groups left to join the YPG-YPJ when ISIS attacked the city; then seeing the tear stained faces of the YPJ in the convoy a few minutes later made it all the more sobering and real. Every inch of this city was fought for with the blood of young men and women, not soldiers or trained fighters in advanced armies with advanced weapons, but young dancers, daf and saz players, students, dreamers, turned soldiers overnight so that others may live and walk free today in the sunbathed alleyways of this little city. Every inch is a symbol of resistance, liberation, perseverance; of yesterday’s hopes sacrificed for a better today and tomorrow for others…Every inch is sacred in my heart.

Hawzhin Azeez

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