Erdogan’s Humanitarian Embargo Attempts to Cripple the Rebuilding of Kobane

Update on the border issues between Bakur (Kurdish parts of Turkey) to Rojava:

De-mining organisations cannot bring their mine sweeping and clearing equipment. Not only could they not bring these essential equipment to help clear the dozens of villages mined deliberately by Daesh (ISIL) to terrorize innocent civilians and farmers long after they are gone, but they are also prevented from bringing over children’s playground equipment. Whether essential humanitarian needs such as de-mining machinery, necessary building materials such as cement, to food supplies such as vegetables, to children’s play equipment literally nothing is allowed through.

Other global organisations, consisting of medical Doctors have been unable to cross over into Kobane for a month, and their capacity to provide medical aid or help build a local hospital has been extremely limited or come to a complete stop. The war that Turkey is playing with the Kurds includes not only dismissing, but deliberately flouting, all international human rights and humanitarian laws and norms. This is a psychological, political and economic war that Turkey is allowed to play with some of the most war-torn and devastated communities with the explicit, tacit and ongoing support of NATO allies. Blaming Turkey alone is akin to blaming the wagging tail of a biting dog.

Hawzhin Azeez

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