The Humanitarian Embargo and Lack of Medicine in Kobane

There is a big difference between bags of cement and iron and glass not being allowed to come to Kobane across the borders versus life saving medicine and equipment. I was just informed by the health board that they are desperately running out of medicine. They have equipment to conduct surgery but no medicine for the surgery. They have ambulances but there is no point in sending sick people from villages to hospitals empty of medication where their lives can’t be saved. We have no vaccinations and we have diseases like Tuberculoses, Hepatitis B and Leishmaniasis that are killing people. We have nothing and the little children become maimed for life from preventable diseases because there is no vaccination. We have nothing and the little that we have is fast running out.

We have boxes and containers of medicine and equipment that are sitting on the Basur and Bakur borders but deliberately not allowed through, and the medicine expires and babies die and we are left feeling unbearable anguish- a state of permanent emotional existence for the choiceless, the colonized, those whose lives and that of their communities are designated as worthless by invisible hands, voices and faces but who determine our fates every day. Equipment and machinery that are being sent to Kobane are literally being stolen by the Turks and being used by them. We have mothers who kiss the feet of ambulance workers begging them to save the lives of their children; but it doesn’t matter because there is no medicine.

I am literally crying while I write this because I feel so much rage and anger right now. I have no words and my heart is exploding.

Hawzhin Azeez

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