Turkey shells YPG position in Aleppo, Supports Al-Qaeda

Breaking news: Turkey is currently shelling YPG-YPJ held positions in Menagh Airbase, Aleppo region, liberated only a few days ago from al Qaeda.

Turkey is basically giving artillery support to Al-Qaeda who lost the Menagh airbase to the Kurds last week. Meanwhile, Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 Eagles have arrived at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey today to aid further bombings. Confirmed reports of bombings in Azaz, Efrin by Turkey.

Update: FSA group Jaish al-Thuwwar, part of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces, supplied by the US and in alliance with YPG-YPJ), now also reporting being hit by Turkish shells around Aleppo.

Hawzhin Azeez


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