A Day Across Kobane

There is no way of putting into words the ongoing struggles of the people of Kobane and their efforts to rebuild, to return to their homes and to live with the physical and emotional remnants of one of the most violent terrorist groups and their unabashed effort to not just terrorize these people but to physically eradicate them collectively. But their resistance did not end with the consecutive humiliating loses they heroically served to Daesh. Their resistance continues in another form now: by choosing to return to their homes and lands, by choosing to serve the normalization of their community, and rebuilding despite lack of help and support, despite being surrounded and the ongoing threats of war and terrorism. In fact, it is BECAUSE of these reasons that they rebuild so fiercely.

There is often a romanticization of Kobane and Rojava and the people that live here: their resilience, their deep commitment to a new way of life, their capacity to bear the unbearable, their fierce courage in making individual and personal sacrifices for the greater good of the collective- concepts which are now but long ago myths in the harshly individualistic, sterile and isolating capitalist Western world. Yes, this is an aspect of these people. But these people are more complex than simplified and reductionist understandings.

This romanticization should not erase the daily struggles and perseverance that occurs every day by ordinary people. And this is the key concept here: ordinary people no different to you. And they help to serve as a reminder of our own collective and individual capacity to be extraordinary.

Hawzhin Azeez

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