Turkey Shells Gire Sipi, north Kobane and Helps ISIS enter the City

Over night not only did Turkey shell Gire Sipi (Tal Abyad- 60Km away from Kobane) but also organised 4 separate groups of Daesh into the city from its border, resulting in a massive explosion from a car bomb. Fierce clashes have resulted, and have become fiercer in the past 2-3 hours.

Deash bodies are still across the city. Coalition air-strikes are supporting the YPG-YPJ resistance at the moment; while the town of Ain Arous, just south of Gire Sipi has also been infiltrated by Daesh- consisting of 20 snipers. Daesh is an essential and integral entity of the Turkish state terrorism. The efforts of the Kurds and other ethno-religious minorities to establish democratic confederalism is consistently sabotaged by Turkey and its second official army- Daesh.

There will never be any peace in the region unless Turkey and its aspirations of a genocidal, ethnically exclusionary, untidemocratic, authoritarian, neo-sultanate regional hegemony is uprooted. In an ideal world Erdogan would be facing International Court of Justice and facing extensive genocide and ethnic cleansing charges, but thanks to NATO we are only moving closer to the realization of Erdogan’s grand schemes.

Hawzhin Azeez

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