How to say Farewell to a Hero


There is too much sadness today. Like the swirls of dust that gather on the edges of an ever growing graveyard, and like the ever bleeding hearts of the mothers of this city. There are too many grief-stricken fathers shocked into stunned silence today.Too many Fathers crippled by the shock of their pain. And, no doubt, one day soon comprehension of their loss will sit like permanent lines across their weathered, sad faces.

There is too much of everything today. Like the 9 YPG-YPJ hevals who died defending Gire Sipi (Tal Abyad) two days ago, and which Kobane laid to rest just now.

There is a heaviness; and a collective silence, in solidarity, and in recognition of a shared pain. A sombreness; and too many open wounds visible on too faces. Wounds time takes too long to heal.

But how can time even begin to heal when people are burying their 4th or 5th martyrs now?

And no doubt other martyrs will come to be buried among their comrades and friends; and just as there is certainty that there will be more heartbroken mothers there is certainty that there will be more attacks. Because despite rhetoric, despite the ongoing sacrifices of this community and others like it in the fight against Daesh, we remain, certain, ever as before, friendless.

Hawzhin Azeez

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