The Kobane Reconstruction Board Builds a Bakery

The Kobane Reconstruction Board has just finished a major project here in Kobane: the building of a bakery that will provide bread to the ever growing returning community here. We currently only have one automatic bakery running in Kobane, using over 70 tons of flour a day to serve the whole canton, numbering over 200, 000+ people. The bread that we hand out to people is given out at heavily subsidised prices (its basically free) so that the war torn and devastated community has an opportunity to normalize life. This bakery, established in the western district of Kanya Kurdan, has a sister bakery which will also be running soon in the south western village lines in Kobane canton. Together they will serve to reduce the heavy burden of the main bakery which was previously running 7 days a week in two daily shifts to provide bread to the canton.

Most importantly we have set aside jobs for women to work in the bakery in an effort to realize gender equality within society. All of our projects serve the community through the realization of the three pillars of democratic con-federalism. As the Kobane Reconstruction Board helps to produce physical projects, the brick and mortar stuff, the other associations and civil society groups help to change the ideology and the perspective of society so that women working in the public sphere, something which was taboo 4 years ago before the revolution, can be seen as something normal and necessary for the community.

We are not interested in simply constructing houses and buildings and offices at the Kobane Reconstruction Board. We understand that everything is political and even the smallest every day acts and items can turn into tools towards realizing a revolutionary new and radically democratic society. This is why the physical reconstruction works hand in hand with the ideological and societal changes and progresses necessary; and helps to promote a more democratic model within society by producing projects aimed to bring marginalised groups into the work force, and into the public arena. In the process we are working to produce a different private and civic relationships and responsibilities within society. I am looking forward to providing follow up posts showing the bakery not only servicing the community but also the women working in the bakery.

Hawzhin Azeez

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