Kobane Farewells More Martyrs

Kobane buried 11 more yesterday, of which 9 were unknown soldiers; freedom fighters whose bodies were found under the rubble of the city and the villages that are still being cleared. Of which the mothers of the previous martyrs volunteered to lovingly accompany the unknown solider’s coffins as if they were accompanying their own beloved children to their final resting places. Of which weathered, fearless hands, which had buried another child not long ago were laid firmly and lovingly on coffins of unknown soldiers to indicate possession, indicate ownership, indicate that this is MY child, my martyr. Mine and ours. Because these martyrs, whether known or unknown belong to the community, and though they are unknown the mothers and the fathers, the community collectively mourns their loss and celebrates their sacrifice. And surely, surely, the courage belongs to these mothers and fathers whose grit and resolve bred children with hearts of lions…

But how can a community who prides itself on its remembrance of its martyrs- who builds the foundation of its new society on the memories and promises made to its martyrs, whose new legendary city of freedom dots its city streets with the images of their martyrs as thanks- ever adequately thank soldiers whose faces and names are unknown?

It is easy to say 9 unknown soldiers. But each of these soldiers are loved children of families, still unaware of the fate of their children; freedom fighters who once lived in dusty, sleepy, unpaved villages; and others who lived on misty mountains of Kurdistan and still others who lived in modern cities whose luxuries and promises of superficial liberties did not calm their wild heart’s call for freedom. And each of these unknown fighters once laughed and felt the warmth of the summer sun on their faces and felt the hope of youth, of love, of a future unknown in their great hearts. And each of these unknown soldiers were once youth who felt the beating sound of freedom to be greater than the beating of their own hearts and whose courage drove them to Kobane; freedom fighters whose fearlessness created a city of legends, of myths and lore that will live across the strings of time. Of women and men who helped to create a city where humanity came alive again…

Hawzhin Azeez

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