Rebuilding Kobane’s Schools

Sharing some images of the rebuilding work around Kobane I took just now. Some of the images attached are of the Kobane Reconstruction Board rebuilding and restoring 8 schools in the center of the city. At the moment in Kobane city we have 7 schools operating out of the previous 25 pre-war schools which means that thousands of children and students are currently missing out on education.

Despite this we have over 28,000 students who have returned to school but with some schools and classrooms filled beyond capacity. Some of the classrooms have 50-55 students per class. The schools generally have a capacity of 700-800 students in a single shift but are currently taking on double the load, in two shifts per day. Meaning a two shift day would normally 

 hold 1400 students per day, but we currently hold 3000 students per day per school. We hope that the schools will be restored by the start of the Autumn season and the start of the new school year but the border closure both from Basur of Kurdistan and from Bakur into Rojava and the associated lack of a humanitarian corridor is still affecting our capacity to push the rebuilding process further. Despite this we firmly believe that just as we have done over the past year, we will continue to find the means of rebuilding Kobane.

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