Erased: Women’s History, Women’s Revolutions, Women’s Struggles.

Erased; Women’s history. Women’s revolutions. Women’s struggles. A nation-less nation; vanished, merged, eroded, molded beyond recognition and twisted into an unnatural form; an unnatural existence. Concerted; women separated across oceans and continents, incognizant of each other’s existence, but certain of each other’s chains; aspirations of mutual liberation; aspiring for women known and unknown; struggles made with love, with courage for women yet to come, women yet to be enslaved with the chains of history’s cruel turns and twists; and antiquities written with masculinity’s erasing brush strokes across the pages of time; toils for the girl child yet to feel the sting of complex chains of bondage and caustic lashes of subjugation – time will collude to teach her to love her oppressors; women with impoverished, destitute destinies whose circumstances were written long before they were conspired into existence by the universe. Erased; Timeless daily coups and revolts against systems, against oppressive men and their dystopia’s of endless misery, and endless peonage of patriarchy for the collective good of men, of hierarchies, of ideologies razing across the earth’s lush plains leaving decimated, scorched earth and societies emptied of humanity, but overflowing with unrivalled greed- to the detriment of femininity; to the detriment of life. To the detriment of humanity. To the detriment of empathy and a utopia of equality and a profound, transcendental, metaphysical, mutual co-existence of radical love and liberty.

Resurgent: Rojava; the fertile goddesses of Mesopotamia rising like a triumphant phoenix from the squalid ashes of time’s oppression. Empowered, ever resilient, ever struggling, ever connected across history and continents by the ethereal twines of femininity. Rooted; grounded and earthed, like the solid trunks of the magnificent, exquisite forests of Qandil and Zagros; they rise from the squalid, wretched residues of colonialism and imperialism and patriarchy and challenge the discernible specters of capitalism to form a radical, democratic, inclusive society even as the corrosive acids of neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism rage. But like the phoenix she rises again and again from the ashes of the harshest fires. Molded and scorched by the oppressions of time but reshaped and reformed with deep roots of determination. The women of Rojava. The women of Kurdistan and mesopotamia- the mother of civilizations- transformers of history, the civilizing engineers and architects of a new world.

To the women in Kobane participating in a Kongraya Star (Star Congress- women’s umbrella organization) who participate in ideological education focused on women’s civic responsibility each Saturday morning- whose fires burn ever brighter with age.

Hawzhin Azeez

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