The Military Coup Against Erdogan

As the repercussions of the failure of the coup in Turkey continues, shocking images have come out of pro-Erdogan supporters beating, lynching, beheading and murdering the soldiers of their own nation. Some were even thrown off bridges to their deaths. I am struck by the violence and the brutality of the retaliations and Erdogan supporters against their own soldiers- and despite myself, there is a twist of pain in my heart because these are just young boys made into pawns and tools of those in charge, yesterday a coup, the day before the murder of my people, and now cannon fodder left to suffer the consequences- and am reminded of contrasting images of Kurdish forces who have shown more humanity toward captured ISIS soldiers responsible for the genocide, rape and murder of their people.

But let’s refrain from making over generalizations, lest we promote some over simplified concept of racial supremacy which is just as dangerous. What I am saying is that as oppressed and colonized people we have an ideology that defines our ethics and values that are universal, and not defined by some bogus Eurocentric, statecentric international laws or conventions that the oppressors selectively adhere to when it suits them.

This violence, these murders and coups are the repercussion of violent, fascist and dictatorial ideologies and regimes which have left their imprint on the collective attitudes and psyches of the Turkish peoples. There is a total absence of an alternative ideology of collective humanity, liberation, democracy, inclusiveness, tolerance- the very foundations of a genuine democracy in the policies, actions and values of the Turkish political elite.

The solution can only be found not in coups and violences and murders and massacres and lynchings to silence dissenting voices and colours, but in a radical, democracy that amplifies our collective humanity and our mutual tolerance and love.

Hawzhin Azeez

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