The YPG-YPJ – Militant Survivalism for the Oppressed

The fact is, militant survivalism, militant activism, militant self protection is a necessary, urgent, existential act of radical survival within the capitalist, statist, patriarchal system for oppressed and colonized communities. The right to exist, the right of self preservation and protection is denied “problematic” communities who do not easily fit within strict, clear, predefined categories and hierarchies within this system. The same system which terrorizes and places the burden on the oppressed, the colonized, the disenfranchised to find peaceful and democratic solutions in violently undemocratic systems committed to our eradication. We are left to find solutions peacefully as they murder and massacre us publicly, unashamedly, openly and without fear of repercussions- in a system geared against us from birth to death.

But when we refuse to die silently and be subjected to their terrorism, when we refuse to be eradicated passively, refuse to be assimilated submissively- when we carry on our cultures and languages defiantly even if in little huts by the light of flickering candles- and refuse to be subjected to genocides and massacres, bombings, and mass rapes quietly- and when we actively resist, produce rupturing, seismic counter alternative ideologies of self protection, fearlessly dismantle colonized minds and bodies and produce revolutionary liberation ideologies designed to keep us alive- we are in fact engaging in counter-terrorizing the capitalist, statist, patriarchal international order. We break boundaries of the system. We redefine, reorganize, dismantle and obliterate as we recreate, reproduce and rebuild new, inclusive, humane systems and alternatives. When we organize ourselves we terrify the system. When we stand in informed, loving humanity and solidarity with each other as marginalized and oppressed groups we terrorize the system. When we resist and push back we terrify the system and shake it to its very, violent, genocidal foundational core.

They define these acts of self preservation by the colonized and the marginalized as terrorism- as they continue to terrorize us and produce the real terrorist groups and organisations that behead our little helpless children, leave us crippled and bleeding in an ocean of cyclic senseless violence and wars.

But let me say this! Self defense is a natural right. The right to live in peace and safety is a non negotiable human right. If demanding to live peacefully, democratically, safely and with equality with others is defined as terrorism than we should all become active, militant terrorists against the capitalist, statist, patriarchal system! and do so proudly, fearlessly, confidently, ideologically, collectively.

Hawzhin Azeez

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