Terror Attack in France on French Priest

France is reeling from the shocking attack on a catholic priest by a convicted, self proclaimed ISIS jihadist wanna be. This was someone who tried twice to go to Syria, was arrested once and was not deterred but tried once again- clearly demonstrating a serious commitment to joining ISIS. He was repeatedly witnessed speaking about doing a number of heinous terror attacks which clearly fit with a radicalized identity, yet he was given only house arrest- let alone any sort of a rehabilitation program-, instead left to further ferment in his already radicalized state until the inevitable outcome.

When we think of the corresponding level of zero tolerance policy and extreme suspicion, presumed guilty and immediate arrest of Kurdish freedom fighters and western fighters who have joined YPG and have returned to their western countries the situation seems even more ludicrous. The death of this priest, and the tragedy of the loss of a human life, and his blood is on a systematic failure- and the desire of the right wing to consolidate its power further through wanting these incidents to occur and demonstrate their racist views towards immigrants and refugees- and associated leniency towards those who the west considers “Terrorists” and not terrorists. Why are ISIS supporters, returning ISIS terrorists, ISIS recruits treated with such leniency when real freedom fighters who are fighting these terrorists are treated as the real thereat? Perhaps France could concern itself less with ripping off the scarves from the heads of the Muslim women or measuring the skirt lengths of Muslim girls and focus more on better monitoring, rehabilitating and detainment processes for self declared, convicted ISIS terrorists; and even more shockingly support the Kurdish and Syrian Democratic Forces currently fighting ISIS with the heavy weapons they urgently need.

The real people let down are the refugee communities, because such individuals represent a minute minority of such communities; yet these radicalized individuals are politicized to represent entire communities – communities who for the most part lack the means and capacity to deal with such radicalization and already deal with significant structural and social stigmas and prejudices. These attacks only serve the right wing to consolidate their racist, exclusionary policies. This is the only way that this dichotomy of leniency towards the real terrorists, and extreme crack down on the freedom fighters can be explained.

Hawzhin Azeez

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