Kurdish Journalist Renas Lalikan Accused of Membership of PKK in Australia

Kurdish Journalist Renas Lalikan

Because the oppressed and the dispossessed are always denied justice; because the violated and the suppressed are denied the right to resist; because the colonized and the marginalized are burdened with the onus of always being guilty; guilty by virtue of geographies and borders imposed on us long before we were born; because the right to exist is a privilege bestowed on some and not others; because they reap the benefits of the blood shed by our youth fighting on the front lines so that theirs can grow fat with over privileged ignorance; so that they can continue to perpetuate violent cycles that continue to kill us; because we are used to being violated, dehumanized, degraded, stripped and ripped to shreds again and again until we bleed new colors of blood; bleeding rivers of pain so deep that a thousand languages have yet to define what it is that we feel when we are denied justice again and again and again; because they prefer us on our knees with hands distended with supplication; heads bloody and bowed in subjugation; and because we stand proud – STILL, despite it all- with backs that speak a thousand stories of oppression- as they sit in judge and jury and execute us; and because we still extend defiant hands of victory instead of entreaty; because we defy all odds and survive, thrive, flourish, blossoming ideologies of liberation so profound that it does more damage to their violent systems of hate than a thousand bombs thrown. They do not know that we throw ideologies of love, humanity and liberation and that is how we intend on killing their malignant systems of hate.

Shame on the neocolonialist, violent, white supremacist promoting Australian government for not giving bail to the Kurdish journalist Renas Lelikan today. If they are truly concerned with “terrorism” they should take a look at their own policies, starting with their abhorrent treatment of Indigenous and Aboriginal communities and working upwards.


Hawzhin Azeez

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