Speaking at the Australian YPG fighter’s Funeral Gabar Amed (Jamie Bright)

The family of Jamie Bright.
The Melbourne Kurdish Community attends Jamie’s Funeral.
I speak at heval Amed’s funeral on behalf of the Australian Kurdish community.

The Australian Kurdish community was honoured to attend the funeral of YPG fighters Gabar Amed (Jamie Bright). Heval Gabar stands out as an exception among the many western fighters who joined the fight; someone who in his 17 months in Rojava became fluent in Kurdish- someone that stayed far longer beyond the normal 6 months most fighters commit to- someone who in his own words said that “The reason I came to Kurdistan is because of the people, their struggle and their fight…I came to help them in any way I can…I will stay until it is finished”, and ultimately he gave the final and greatest sacrifice, the greatest act of love, that a human being can make for another. Although Gabar and many other of his brothers in arms, like Ashley Johnson and Reece Hardings, are no longer with us, the Kurdish people are committed to honouring the blood of every fallen Şehîd by making sure that we gain the freedom and the peace that has come at such a heavy price.

Heval Gabar stayed fighting on the frontline unconcerned with popularity and self promotion because he was content to let the people of the land and their fight for liberation shine; because he was a true believer of the revolutionary, democratic system that we are trying to create in Rojava; and this marks true solidarity, true informed solidarity that does not try to dominate and take over, does not impose and direct, but lends a gentle, loving, supportive hand…

The majestic, regal mountains of Kurdistan already know your name heval Gabar; and already grow wild flowers of freedom where you fell…

Şehîd Namirin.

Hawzhin Azeez

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