Meeting Labor MP Peter Khalil Over the Kurdish Issue

With Peter Khalil and the Melbourne Kurdish Community Representatives

I am so privileged and honored to be hosted by the Victorian Kurdish Community where I have been given the opportunity to speak endlessly about Kobane and Rojava. Today we spoke to labor member of Parliament Peter Khalil about the humanitarian situation in Rojava and the lack of a humanitarian corridor. Peter really impressed with his knowledge of the current situation in Kurdistan, Rojava and Basur and his proposals for immediate action on this matter. Most politicians have no idea, nor care enough to educate themselves about what is happening in the Middle East, Syria, Rojava and the Kurds, yet they represent thousands of people in their constituencies; including thousands of Kurds in the diaspora. If we had more politicians with Peter’s depth of knowledge and listening skills then we could achieve so much. Peter himself is a Coptic Egyptian immigrant with a humble background who showed a genuine interest in the matter. This is another reason where diversity of representation on the political level can produce effective avenues of community representation, dialogue and bridging of issues. It goes a long way to boosting morale, reducing the frustration and isolation that immigrant and refugee communities feel in supporting their war-torn and traumatized communities back home. Diversity is the backbone of an effective, democratic society- sadly something that Western Democracies are seriously lagging behind in.

Hawzhin Azeez

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