The Islamic State of Turkey

The only democratic aspect of the Islamic State of Turkey is its gleeful transparency in arresting elected representatives, detaining activists, and torturing and killing protesters.

The only certainty in the international system with its farcical laws and bogus institutions is ongoing complicit silence in light of the vast human rights violations against the Kurds, leftist groups, and other minorities in Turkey and AKP’s imperialist neo-ottoman inspired invasions of Kurdistan in Syria and Iraq. The only freedom international press expresses is its continued collective choice to remain silent about these violations. And the global Left remains carelessly silent, crippled by inaction and indecisiveness.

This Orwellian nightmare represents the failure of the entire foundation of the New World Order. It’s neoliberal, imperialist, statist institutions, once a symbol of the xenophobic End of History argument defined as the epitome of its imperial crux, now represent the reality it has always been for the oppressed and the colonized: violent institutions of apathy and selective empathy determining, no longer now the fate of nations with simple strokes of pens on maps, but with the click of a few buttons on smartphones entire people’s right to exist or perish. And all of this before an insatiable global audience who consume the suffering of the oppressed greedily and call for more and more violent images of our oppressions to fulfill their morbid Cannibalism.

Make no mistake, the ‘Kurdish Question’ can be the greatest route towards immediate collective regional stability and peace or, if ongoing trends continue, it could implode into another protracted conflict with no end in sight. The only difference is now our oppression and it’s associated violence will no longer be contained neatly in our homes and backyards as it has been for decades and centuries now. But it will spillover into your backyard too.

Do not forget that the burden should not be on the oppressed to prove their humanity and therefore their right to existence. They are already charged with the unbearable burden of desperate resistance for their very survival. But rather, the burden should always be on the informed, privileged elite to reaffirm and regain THEIR humanity by doing something about it.

And so we wait.

As we remain, collectively, on the precipice of a dangerous era.

Hawzhin Azeez

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