Improving Women’s Rights in Rojava – December 19, 2016

I just took this picture of an anti domestic violence poster in Cezire, Amude city (Syria) with all the numbers for the different help centers listed. These posters are all over the cities in Rojava, especially in all the Asayish (police) centres. Previously under the Assad regime gender based discrimination and violence was legal and entrenched across all spheres of society. Ending gender discrimination, especially gender based violence is an essential element of the social changes which are occurring here. A truly democratic society is one where all kinds of violence, not just against women but also children, minorities, the environment, animals etc are seen as against the interests and core values of a free nation. From what I’ve seen so far significant changes have occurred but there is still a long way to go for these positive changes to permeate all spheres of society. There are still families who see these “changes” as against their values and who take pride in their “traditional and tribal” values. But collective social change and progress is not something that can occur over night. One thing is for sure, the changes are occurring and progress is being made.

Hawzhin Azeez

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