Rojava Needs Doctors and Engineers Not More Foreign Fighters

The ruins of Kobane.

I constantly receive emails from people wanting to know how to join the YPG- just because I am here and not even affiliated with the YPG. There has been a very successful and active western contingent of YPG fighters, and there are quite a few martyrs as well, people who have given up their lives for the Kurds- whatever their ideological position may have been.

But here is the thing based on the reality on the ground here in Rojava. Rojava and the Kurds do not need more fighters. The YPG-YPJ is 50,000+ strong and they are doing incredibly well. There have been significant military successes against ISIS and other terrorist forces. I realize that many feel a strong pull and connection to what is happening here and want to come and contribute. But joining the YPG is not the only solution.

What we actually need is Dr.s and nurses, and engineers and architects and professors, biologists, vets and experts in various fields. Yes, the self protection units are an essential front in the process. But the reality is we have a knowledge and skill deficit due to the ongoing war/s and the large number of people who have been forced to seek refuge in Europe and other places. Recently in Amude city in Cezire canton a little girl lost her life due to Leukemia, because we didn’t have the proper medical equipment and treatment to be able to treat her. Something that may have been preventable.

We need skills that help the people here. That is not to say that people fighting on the front line is not a skill. But we need the Dr.s and the architects and the psychologists more than we need the extra fighters on the front line right now.

Hawzhin Azeez

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