Turkish Border Guards Kill Syrian Civilians Again

Three young men have been killed by Turkish border guards today in Cezire Canton. The three brothers were crossing the border with their wives. One had married only 5 days ago. The wives are injured/in critical condition. Turkey’s border ‘policy’ continues to cause more tragedy to already desperate people. But its naive to expect to find humanity on the borders of violent regimes who have entrenched hatred and racial supremacy at the foundation of their identity. Its naive to expect compassion for refugees in a world that is increasingly building concrete walls and turning it into big business. And this is the solution that Europe has funded and enabled Turkey to implement.

Not only the men seeking refuge were shot but the women were stripped naked in this freezing weather adding further humiliation and suffering to the no doubt traumatized women. Let’s tick of gender based violence to the mix because it was only missing that element.

The tragedy of border politics, the tragedy of worthlessness of human lives.

Merry Christmas.

Hawzhin Azeez

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