The Hypocrisy of the International Left

Nothing shows the hypocrisy of the international Left more than when there was deafening outcry over Aleppo but complete apathy and silence over the ongoing horrors experienced by the civilians of al Bab as it gets obliterated by Turkish bombs. In Bab too children’s bodies are torn apart, their broken and battered bodies also end up in bombed out hospital waiting rooms- but there, we are met with silence. Just as there is ongoing silence over Mosul. Turkish imperialism and regional hegemonic aspirations, Turkish invasions, Turkish state terrorism? Apparently only mere background noise in an imperialist agenda to oust an apparently ‘legitimate’ Assad for the increasingly regressive, ‘one dimensional politics’ international Left.

Nothing shows the hypocrisy of the international left more than the fact that their “anti-imperialist” agendas and support for a brutal dictator that is Assad illustrates selective, ill informed activism which is just as damaging as the agendas of Western and liberal interventionists for the people of Syria. Anti-imperialism for the Left has come to trump- pun intended- traditional leftest concerns for humanity and progress. This is why one of the most progressive and radical revolutions is playing out in the international system and yet, the left remains crippled by its selective, divisively ignorant support for ‘anti-imperialism’, which merely demonstrates that that their concern over “Syria” is solely fueled by anti-US sentiments to the detriment of traditional leftest values. Fueled, ironically, by western propaganda and selective reading of history of the region and the peoples that live in Syria, the left has sacrificed all concern for humanity in its anti-US/Western interventionism, reducing the radical and progressive transitions of the Left to mere tokenism, damaging on par and equal to the imperialism that they advocate so vehemently against. Hypocritically internalizing and reproducing imperialist policies through collective, selective mass ‘activism’, and condemning people in countries that they never have to live in to oppression and horrors that they are only subjected to from the relative safety of their televisions.

I want to see an international left that is equally concerned about imperialism, as it is about the violence of the regime and the Syrian State against the peoples and minorities there. I want to see an international left that has a complex, nuanced, historically based contextual understanding of the Syrian situation. I want to see a left that just as loud and concerned and consistent as it is about children dying in Aleppo, in Bab, in Kobane, in Afrin, in Qamishlou; a left that is actively informing itself about the Democratic Confederalism model in the north even as it remains critical yet hopeful of something better for the people of Syria than the solutions produced by the collective of neo-imperialist perpetrators of the violence imposed on the people of Syria.

Dr. Hawzhin Azeez

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