Abadi Loses Historical Chance for Iraq Unification

Abadi has arguably lost one of the most important opportunities in the history of Iraq to create a ‘unified and peaceful’ state. He could have started by ensuring that the paid militia Hashd refrain from widespread looting, burning Kurdish properties, terror, sexual abuse and even murder of Kurdish civilians. By ensuring that the Iraqi ‘army’ treated the Kurds and their property and bodies respectfully, as true citizens of Iraq no different to Arab and Turkmon communities he could have served a powerful message of peace and desire for inclusiveness and most importantly democracy. Instead the deliberate and systematic physical and sexual abuse of Kurdish civilians and property serves as a painful reminder why the Kurds have always wished to separate and distance themselves from an ‘Iraq’ that has been founded and promoted on the genocide, rape, massacres,and ethnic cleansing of the Kurds.

A weak and ineffective Shi’ite dominated Iraqi government used the Kurds to clean the mess that was ISIS- a terror organisation that was formed largely from the remnants of the Sunni Ba’athists angry with the removal of Saddam and their loss of traditional access to power and authority in Iraq- and then used the same Ba’athist/Saddamist tactics on the Kurds. The message from the central government is that “your place is always as the lowly house servant and laborer, never the master of your fate.” If the events of the last few days in Iraq does not serve to teach outside observers why the Kurds have no interest in ‘cooperating’ with the oppressive and treasurers central government then nothing will.

Hawzhin Azeez

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