Introducing Hevi Foundation!

For the past year we have been working hard to establish a local NGO here in Rojava. One that is on the ground and present and can support and cater to the needs of the community in Rojava. After much work behind the scenes I would like to Introduce Hevi Foundation ( which is Kurdish for Hope. We envisioned an NGO that is not a charity but a foundation of hope for the communities here.

One of our first projects involves the designing of the Women’s Village named Jinwar in Cezire Canton. The village is designed using locally available material, is 100% ecological, and is being built entirely by women (with the leadership of Kongreye Star and WJAR- Free Women’s Association in Rojava). The system uses a combination of Super Adobe and mud brick houses, designs which are indigenous to the region. The scheme of the village also utilizes the ancient Mesopotamian symbol for women in the shape of an inverted triangle, with all administrative buildings in the center of the triangle.

The women’s village takes its inspiration from other similar projects such as the women’s village in northern Kenya with the aim of establishing women safe and friendly spaces in which women can live ecologically, and find a refuge from the assaults of patriarchy, war and terror. It is the symbol of free and liberated women within the civil sphere. Pay particular attention to the design of the school at the edge of the design!

Jinwar is near 50% completed, but requires further support and funding. Even if you cannot support the project financially you can still help by spreading the word and sharing the project with others so that they can help donate. For more information and support please contact us via

To donate please use the following bank details:
Kurdistan Hilfe e.V.
Keyword WJAR-Jinwar
IBAN: DE40 2005 0550 1049 2227 04

Hawzhin Azeez

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