Kobane Marches in Support of the YPG-YPJ

There are certain political parties in Rojava who are producing malicious statements that the YPJ-YPG are not the children of the people of Rojava; that they are actually “outsiders”. That not only are these “outsiders” do not belong to Rojava, but that they are not even Kurds! As a response all of Kobane participated in a mass protest this afternoon to demonstrate that the YPJ-YPG are their children and members of the community and as a show of ownership and solidarity. YPG-YPJ who were injured in the recent operations against Daesh led the march, proudly, while the mothers and family members kept up the pace behind them.

As someone who has been here for close to 6 months I have participated in dozens of funeral ceremonies of these brave men and women and I have seen the mothers and fathers, the brothers and sisters, the children and the community mourn their loved ones; I have seen the tears over loved ones that belong in this community; who grew up here in the dusty streets of Kobane and its golden villages; young people who eventually died defending this land.

Yes, there are “outsiders” as well, there are several leftist and anarchist Turkish groups, there are Westerners also who have also lost comrades in the fight; but to suggest that any Kurds- Kurds from Bakur, from Basur and Rojhelat who died defending this land with their fellow Kurds are “outsiders” is an abhorrently divisive and calculating suggestion by these parties. The YPG-YPJ remain as organically Rojavan as Kobane and Rojava belong to Kurdistan; it was this fact that drove Kurds from all four parts of Kurdistan to make the greatest sacrifice defending this land against Daesh. Faces of freedom fighters which now scatter all of Kobane in gratitude, irrespective of which part of Kurdistan they came to fight from. I have heard of stories of Kurds coming here to fight and being martyred within hours; before they could even drink a glass of water and remove the dust from their clothes; and still others who died before they could even reveal their names to their fellow comrades, and so remaining forever as unknown freedom fighters.

The most powerful tool in the hands of the oppressor is a colonised mind, and sadly many Kurds remain gladly and willingly colonised while others make a fiercely radical effort towards self and collective liberation. Our greatest challenge continues to be ourselves and the oppressive and violent rhetoric we employ against each other in the aid of our true enemies.

Hawzhin Azeez


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