The Dark Terrors of Your Mind

The Dark Terrors of Your Mind

If you’ve ever struggled,
exhausted and beaten,
through the murky waters
of the lonely terrors of the night;
if you’ve risen, dead, 
from the batterings of anguish drenched despair
with the smothering clutch of terrifying anxiety
stretching like the cripple fingered
hands of an old crone wrapped around your throat
like your breathless water filled lungs,
under the unbearable pain of your tear stained existence
wish to pack and leave your body for sunnier shores.
when grief and angst are the long over stayed guests
and inescapable loneliness the battered wine cup
in the hands of the destitute, brokenhearted lover.

when the compulsive desire
to reach into the cavity of your chest
and rip out your agonizing tormented heart
fingers bleeding and torn, rib cage ripped and open
made you welcome the velvety warmth
of the dark tomb of eternal silence
in the frantic pursuit of relief,
like the man dying of thirst
sees the mirage.

Have you ever felt it,
the dark terrors of the night?

That to breathe,
to exist and endure
one thousand-millionth of a second longer
through the lonely, godless terrors of your own mind
requires a gigantic will
equivalent to the entire gravitational force
of the universe?
have you struggled through the darkness of the night
with its unholy, sinister accord
a torment drenched insomniac
a hopeless struggle against the tide
of the tentacles of melancholia
and knowing, all the while,
that there is
no watchman
no lighthouse
no salvation
in sight
in the murky shores
of the dark terrors of the night.

-“The terrors of your mind”, Hawzhin Azeez

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