Turkey’s Invasion of Afrin

Turkey’s mercenaries and jihadists deliberately released the horrifying images of Barin’s mutilated body because they were expecting that such a sight would deter and terrify other women from joining the fight against them. And there was a time the sight of mutilated, breast-less, naked bodies of Kurdish women, tortured and murdered at the hands of the oppressors, caused deep fear and anxiety in the heart of the Kurds, feeding an an already over fed patriarchal philosophy.

And this is what Rojava and the Kurdish Liberation Movement has done. It has dismantled the capitalo-imperialism’s artificially imposed structures of fatalism, victim mentality, hopelessness and powerlessness. It has re-taken and reconditioned women out of the dark pits of domesticity and made her the backbone and the face of one of the most epic stories of revolutionary resistance. It has shown that no matter the level of violence and oppression imposed by the colonizer, the oppressed should and can fight back; and fight back better and more successfully! Where the oppressor wanted to cripple us with their horrendous acts of violence it has only served to empower us, making us more determined, more resolved, more fiercely unwavering than ever to join the fight and resist the patriarchal oppressor. So now, to their dismay, Barin’s body only increased the numbers of women joining the fight and YPJ. It is because we are finally learning- and actively living this truth- that no one, no man especially can take a woman’s honor away; nor is it something that belongs to her family or other men in her life. That she owns her honor just as she, and only SHE is the master and captain of her body and soul no matter what they do to her physically and how they may torture and mutilate her.

Image is of women in Afrin in the last two days.

Dr. Hawzhin Azeez

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