All Politics Are Related- On Oppression, Colonization and Marginalization

Something that always strikes me is the similarity between the constant flow of new videos of horrendous police brutality towards Black people in the US and the videos of violence of Turkish soldiers towards Kurdish civilians. The same system, the same ideology that leads to the murder and brutality towards Black people by state institutions and arms is the same system and ideology that kills Kurds in bakur of Kurdistan (Turkey), the same brutality that is the cause of the current genocide against the Rohingya, the same violence responsible for the genocide which occured and continues against the Tamil people, the same brutality shown towards Indigenous and Aboriginal peoples across the world, the same ideology responsible for gender based violence responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of women. The same violent system and ideology which was trying to destroy the northern Dakota Pipeline Protestors also burns the trees and mountains and forests of Kurdistan across Rojhelat to Bakur, to Basur (during the Sadaam era thousands of acres of forest were burned to stop the Peshmarga and the resistance movement there for instance). The same ideology is at play in Syria, in Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria and other ongoing protracted conflicts.

The same greed, the same violent approaches, the same ideologies of oppression, ideologies of colonisation and capitalism, ideologies of segregation, ideologies of exclusionary statism are responsible for these violences against marginalized people. For this reason, Liberation Movements can not afford isolationist approaches. To end their oppressions they need to challenge and destroy the systematic and ideological foundations of their mutual oppressions, realizing at the foundation of their liberation psychology and approach the interconnected nature of oppressions. No liberation movement is ever free so long as other liberation movements are being massacred and eliminated. More importantly, the greatest resource available to us is other fellow oppressed groups who are organised and resisting. Building bridges, seeing the interconnected nature of our oppressions even if the chains that bind us are different, standing in informed solidarity together is essential to collective liberation. And this is the thing: collective liberation. None of us are ever truly free so long as our fellow oppressed continue to face oppression, murder, violence, incarceration and complete annihilation. Its liberation for all, or its liberation for none.

Dr. Hawzhin Azeez

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