Top 10 Links to Learn more about Rojava

As more people become aware of the Kurdish question and our ongoing struggle for liberation, independence, and human rights, especially within the context of Rojava (Western Kurdistan)— they wish to know where to find more information.

Often times oppressed people are given the additional burden of teaching observers in order to gain their sympathy, however I have faith that those with true solidarity will take up the burden of self-education themselves. Under that belief, here is a list of websites related to the Kurdish liberation movement and ongoing revolution in Rojava.

[1]. Democratic Union Party (PYD):

The official website of the PYD, the key player in the Rojava political terrain with regular updates as to ongoing political issues, activities, conferences, and press releases. This is a great way to keep an eye out on the pulse of the political issues, tensions and regional conflict involving Rojava and the Kurds.

[2]. People’s Protection Units (YPG) Official:

The official website of the YPG provides regular updates in the ongoing fight against ISIS and the Turkish invasion. The website also has a full archive of fallen martyrs as well as regular press releases, videos and photos of the latest operations.

[3]. Women’s Protection Units (YPJ):

The official website of the Women’s Protection Units provides a detailed account of updates on the women’s fight against ISIS, against the Turkish invasion of Afrin and other regions across northern Syria.

[4]. YPG International Fighters:

The official website of the international fighters supporting or currently fighting in Rojava with the YPG / YPJ. This is a really great website with a long list and archive of resources that can be accessed, ranging from documents helping to learn the Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish, to analysis of the different aspects of democratic confederalism, and ways to support international solidarity.

[5]. Jineology Academy:

This website is a great resource for those wishing to learn more about the women-centric and feminist elements of Rojava’s revolution. The articles are written from women on the ground or within the Kurdish Women’s Movement and provide detailed analysis of different aspects of jineology and its practical application in Rojava.

[6]. Jinwar:

This is a project that is dear to my heart since my NGO worked on designing the entire master plan of the village. This project is one of the greatest examples of the women-centric and feminist elements of Rojava’s revolution within the civilian side. Much of the impact of the women has been focused, in the international media at least, on the incredible work of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ). But there needs to be much more focus on the civilian side of women’s contribution to the Revolution and this village is a perfect example and starting point for furthering your understanding of Rojava.

Although their website seems to be experiencing some issues as I write this I am going to link to their facebook page here. Please go check them out and see if you can donate or help spread word about the village.

Women planting trees for the orchard of the jinwar village which will support the women’s livelihood while living there.

[7]. Co-operation in Mesopotamia:

This organisation is a great library of the wonderful work on cooperatives and the economic progresses currently being implemented in Rojava. With a huge archive of articles they present a great synthesis of the importance of cooperative economies on the socio-political structure of Rojava and its implication and application for an international context.

A group of women engaging in cooperative food production in Rojava.

[8]. The Internationalist Commune:

Involving a large group of international activists interested in supporting various aspects of the Rojava political model, they are well known for the “Make Rojava Green Again” movement. Their interest does not involve only the ecological element of Rojava but also learning about the revolution and educating western societies and Leftists about the revolution there. They also provide a range of other support programs such as English language classes and have a range of experts from engineers, to architects, to environmentalists and scientists working in the region.

[9]. Alliance for Kurdish Rights:

A little known website, which appears to not have been updated since September of 2018. However, there is a great list of articles on the ongoing human rights violations faced by Kurds across the four occupied regions of Greater Kurdistan. It is worth checking out if you wish to gain a better understanding of the systematic oppression faced by Kurds.

[10]. Komun Academy:

A newer website which has a number of articles further explaining the various ideological aspects of democratic confederalism and the Kurdish struggle.

If there are other websites and links that you feel are relevant but have not been listed here please feel free to link them in the comment section.

Hawzhin Azeez


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