A New Campaign to Raise Awareness of Afrin IDPs

A new campaign has been launched to provide support to the over 350,000 displaced people from Afrin following the January 2018 Turkish invasion. The invasion of Afrin caused a mass humaniterian crises where thousands of Kurds, Yezidi and Christian civilians were displaced. The resulting mass displacement led to the creation of two Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) in the Shehba region. However, thousands are going through their first winter in the camps without adequate water, electricity, medicine and food.

The campaign is launched by the organization Women Rise Up For Afrin, in coordination with Star Congress who are currently collecting funds for the campaign though their page here.

The campaign which follows the hashtag #HelpAfrinIDPs on twitter and other social media has created two videos which are linked below:

It is important to note that the situation of the displaced people is worsened by the refusal of the Turkish and Assad regimes to allow international NGOs to provide essential services and emergency care to these people. The UN has noted that vast human rights violations are currently occurring in occupied Afrin but has largely, along with other international human rights organizations been silent on Turkey’s invasion and ethnic cleansing of civilians.

You can follow the campaign coordinators on twitter here and here.

Additionally, providing support to the displaced people of Afrin and Rojava is not only a humanitarian imperative but also a form of resistance against the fascist and oppressive policies being imposed on the Kurds and fellow minorities in the region by regimes such as Turkey and Assad. This is where international solidarity is very important to raise awareness about the plight of the oppressed and the Kurds in Syria.

Such campaigns are also essential to actively break the ongoing international silence on the invasion of Afrin and the brutality of the Turkish regime and its allied Jihadists in the occupation of Afrin since. The international community has a moral and ethical duty to address the thousands of displaced Afrin civilians and must resolve this issue immediately.

You can donate to the campaign here. Even if you cannot donate you can provide love and solidarity by sharing the campaign widely across social media so that others may become aware and donate.

Hawzhin Azeez

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