The Ravenous Marauder

The Ravenous Marauder:

Time rewinds backwards.

The hurricane beats against the shore.
The waves recede backwards.
The trees draw their branches closer
quivering into their familiar loneliness.

The gloom of grief hangs
like the last lonely twinkle
of a piano note, fading.

The wind blows backwards.

Delirium, a fevered frenzy
unwinds, entwines, entraps.

Lunacy’s absurdity
like a pitch black raven,
perched menacingly on the phone line,
turns suddenly.

Sorrow’s pensiveness,
a small caged bluebird,
beats her wings against her coop
until she bleeds, wounded and battered.

Mania’s raving hysteria,
is a love song, scratching on repeat.
A silent dance flickering in black and white.

Darkness looms, consumes with its sorrow’s mysteries.

Silence, a cheshire cat,
beams at you in the darkness.

Unease, a palpitating beat
waltzes ceaselessly in your ears;
Turning, aimless, ageless
in the lonely limits of your mind.  

The heaviness of melancholia,
exhausts the breath,
drowns you in a murky ocean of despair,
like smoke through porous fingers.

You fade, lungs compressing,
sinking into the early hours
of a lonely dawn.

Madness, a ravenous marauder
haunts you in the thick, palpitating darkness.

Time rewinds backward.

Hawzhin Azeez

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