Fragments of Me

Fragments of Me

Life, the frozen scream
of a still born child.

Grayness, despair overshadowing
the brightest day,
her brilliant blue darkened
with gray stained gloom.

Happiness, a ghoul, a languid ghost
mocks, taunts, aloof in the periphery. 

Drowning, alone,
in bone deep isolation,
hands reaching for salvation
in a dark, chilling pit
of quiet, lonely suffering.

The tidal push and pull,
between life and
the siren call of non existence.

Breathing, a mother dead in childbirth.

The darkness sinks its teeth into flesh
until I am undone by the unrequited thirst
of the doomed soul in love with death.

A rose garden,
in half bloom.

Hawzhin Azeez

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