UN’s Open Support of Turkey’s Genocide of Kurds

UN’s Open Support of Turkey’s Genocide of Kurds

"Either a red coffin or a Free Life"
“Either a red coffin or a Free Life”

In an era of information technology, and the era of smart phones, genocides and ethnic cleansing of minorities can no longer be hidden by violent, fascist regimes. In this era, images are immediately uploaded as soon as a child is maimed or illegal chemical weapons are used against civilians by violent terrorist groups or regimes. Yet, it is also interesting that in this same era the international community and its main institutions remain eerily silent.

It is interesting to see that in light of Turkey’s illegal invasion and openly stated objective of ethnic cleansing against the Kurds that not only the UN, but also NATO has remained largely complicit in their silence and refusal to curb the openly fascist objectives of Erdogan.

This week the UN has not only refused to investigate allegations of white phosphorus use by Turkey on civilians but it has also sent its Secretary-General António Guterres to sit with the war criminal Erdogan in Istanbul. Guterres praised Turkey’s strong ‘support’ for the UN among discussions to resettle hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in the ethnically cleansed Rojava regions- which are now beset with Turkish backed jihadists, regular massacres, looting, car bombs and daily Turkish mortar attacks. These discussions were held as Erdogan’s army and allied Jihadists literally bombed and terrorized Kurds, Christians, Yezidis and other minorities out of their homes. These discussions were held as the Kurdish region of Afrin continues to be illegally occupied by Erdogan’s jihadists and their resettlement of emptied out Kurdish homes.

The UN has refused to investigate damning evidence of Phosphorus use against civilians in Rojava.

Why is the UN so silent in light of Turkey’s open policy of ethnic violence in northern regions of Syria? Why is the international community simply allowing an act of ethnic cleansing to occur without any repercussions? Why are damning evidence of white phosphorus use by Turkey on civilians of Rojava degrading in refrigerators in Iraq because the international investigators refused to even investigate?

The issue, is more than just one of the Kurds and their legitimate demands for humane treatment; it is one of the putrid, decaying values of the international community, beset with the disease of capitalist modernity. Beset with decaying respect for human rights; beset with the greed of the billions waiting to be made on arms deals on the the back of the skulls and the bones of the wretched of the earth. The ethnic cleansing of the Kurds has demonstrated the reality of the international community. It has demonstrated that there are no human rights, no democracy, no legitimate leadership of values the civilized world lords over the struggling world.

The betrayal of the Kurds has demonstrated that the era of Neo-liberal capitalism can only lead to decay, violence, genocide, massacres, and rivers of blood. This system cannot tolerate a small region of less than 4 million creating an alternative model of human rights, democracy and gender liberation; a system where the indigenous values of respect for the land and for the mosaic of multicultural values can lead to love, humanity and cooperation rather than bloodshed and age old hatreds. It cannot withstand the oppressed forging their own liberation ideology and paths through the maze of violence, double-speak and oppression that it has weaved so intricately around their parched throats. It will eradicate with all its might, all its capacity, all its ferocious violence any such efforts. This is why the US, the UN, NATO and all other major international actors and players are simply standing back to watch Rojava burn. They are preserving their interests, their billion dollar arms industries, their war economies, their hatred of the oppressed and brown bodies. They do this because they know that the end of history will truly come with a model of radical grassroots democracy and con-federalism; Because they know this alternative is the end of them in every manner conceivable.

This putrid, rancid underbelly of the international community has clarified one thing for the oppressed, the silenced, and the dispossessed of this world. The only means of survival is resistance. The only means of existence is resistance. The only means of being is self-protection, because the system is explicitly designed to eradicate and to oppress them. This is why the mass protests happening across the world right now from Lebanon to Chile to Hong Kong to Iraq are so telling and crucial, and deserve immediate support. As Kurds we have an age old saying ” we have no friends but the mountains”, but for the oppressed, for us collectively, there are no friends in this system: no friends but our own capacity, our mutual solidarity, our willingness to retain our humanity in the face of their inhumanity, their betrayal and their open commitment to our eradication.

Hawzhin Azeez

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